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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Do I need to see a dentist when I don’t have a problem?

Majority of dental diseases are sub-clinical, in other words, no symptoms. However, once there is a disease, the longer you leave it, the more complicated and expensive it becomes to fix it. A regular half yearly check can rule out any potential problems, addressing them before they get any bigger.

2.I don’t like dentist, do I still need to come to the dentist regularly?

As mentioned above, a regular 6-month, 9-month or even 12-month check may be needed. Individual variations apply and this is determined by clinical examination from a dental professional.

3.Is it painful to see a dentist?

-This can vary across different people, but if you don’t see a dentist, it will be more painful when problems are left and not addressed.

4.Can dental cleaning whiten my teeth?

Yes, dental cleaning can remove the external staining, leaving your teeth and you with a brighter smile.

5.Is it expensive to see a dentist in Sydney?

If you leave your teeth without checkups for a long ime, it will become expensive to maintain and treat when there are problems. However, if you do regular check, it will be very affordable for periodic maintenance.
It is expensive when you leave the problems untreated or never have a regular check as they simply become more complicated to treat when they become worse.

6.Does cleaning hurt your teeth?

No, it doesn’t. We believe quality trumps everything. Our clinic uses German made ultrasonic instrument for teeth cleaning, the science behind it is to vibrate the bacteria and dental stones off. No damage will be made to your teeth.

7.Does whitening hurt your teeth?

No, whitening gels is mde of special chemicals to penetrate inside the teeth and break down the staining. The most common discomfort is sensitivity is due to the pores being open up while the staining is removed. There is absolutely no damage to your teeth as long as it is done in a dental professional setting.

8.Can I still do braces now I am an adult? How much will it be?

Yes you definitely can. With the advancement of technology and materials, more and more adults can now achieve their desired outcome from even clear braces, e.g. Invisalign, clear correct, smile club etc.. Dr William Yiu obtained professional training from Specialist orthodontist and is an expert in this dental cosmetic treatments

9.Do you bulk bill under Medicare for dental treatments?

Yes we do. Eligible children can receive this dental bulkbilling service through Child Dental Benefit Schedule. Check with Medicare https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/services/medicare/child-dental-benefits-schedule or give us a call at 02 9419 5412 to discuss about your children’s dental treatments.

10.I have dental private health fund, do I still need to pay?

This is a great question. At Sunrise Dental Chatswood, we want to ensure a stress free affordable payment for all dental treatments. This is why we offer HICAPS machine on-the-spot claiming service. The amount covered depends on the level of your dental private health funds. Most dental health funds will cover 50%-80% of given dental treatments, up to your annual limit. Check with your private health funds.

11.Which private health funds should I choose to maximise my benefits in dental treatments?

At Sunrise Dental Chatswood, we are partnered with all th major dental healthfunds including NIB, HCF, Medibank, Bupa, CBHS. With HICAPS on-the-spot claiming, we also accept all other private healthfunds, which makes your dental treatment more affordable regardless the fund.

12.I don’t have a private health funds, how much do I need to pay?

We are very transparent about our dental services’ fees. Due to variety of dental services and procedures, our team would need to discuss with you in person. Dr William YIU and Dr Geoff Atherton will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that suits your needs.

13.Do I have to worry about visiting a dentist for the first time?

Visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be a worry inducing experience. It’s totally normal to feel anxious and nervous, but here at Sunrise Dental, we put you first. You can as we do our very best to make your visit is anxiety and discomfort free as much as possible.
This article will be a very quick brief informative one about the different anaesthetics commonly used in dental clinics, topic and injectable. But also just kind of giving you a quick tip list on how to have an effective amazing experience in your first visit.

14.What are local anaesthetics?

Local anaesthesia numbs the teeth and gums to prevent you from feeling discomfort during dental treatment. There are two types of local anaesthetics: topical and injectable.
A topical anaesthetic helps numb the surface of the gums. It may be used to help eliminate the prick or slight sting that some patients feel from the injection. The topical anaesthetic is applied with a swab, spray or adhesive patch.
Injectable anaesthetics work to prevent pain in the area of the mouth where treatment will take place. They generally are injected near the treatment site or elsewhere in the mouth to help block nerve endings and temporarily numb mouth.

15.How can I be a “good” patient?

As a patient, your role is to let us know any issues you are having, we are here to listen and help:
• Be sure to let us know any existing medical conditions or changes in your health history since your last visit.
• Let us know if anything changed since we last saw you/or you visited a dentist
• Even just ask us any questions on how to better maintain your teeth etc, and we’re more than happy to give you great advice
• Tell us about any drugs you are taking (prescription or over-the-counter including alternative therapies such as herbs). Remember to mention any drug allergies or dependencies you have and any problems you've had with medications in the past.
Any dental treatment plan is personal, and here at Sunrise Dental we are committed to inform you about all your options. Let’s work hand in hand to make your dental maintenance a breeze and comfortable.

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