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1.Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

▪ Water
Water is not only helping hydration but aids in neutralising acids produced by bacteria in our mouth. It is these acids that cause tooth decay and regularly water breaks can help reduce the acid build up. Keep water on hand to reduce your chance of dry mouths and dehydration and also keep the acid from hurting your teeth.

▪ Reduce the Sweets
Keep candy and sticky food in moderation, anything sugar is broken down by the bacteria inside the mouth and produces acid. It is this that destroys the tooth enamel and results in tooth decay over time. Having a straw helps as it gives your teeth less exposure to sugar and acid.

▪ Chew gum
Chewing gum doesn’t only keep our breath minty fresh but it also encourages saliva flow. This actually combats the acids produced by the bacteria in the mouth and is a great way after meals or sugary drinks/treats to minimise the acid build up that causes tooth decay.

▪ Dental Hygiene
Keeping dental hygiene is important. Food itself can be a detriment not just candy as over time if it sits in the teeth it becomes plaque which is full of bacteria. In a later stage it becomes tarter which is the hard substance stuck and discolours your teeth. Maintain the habit of twice brushing and once flossing during a day to maintain your teeth and reduce tartar and plaque build-up.

▪ Come Visit the Dentist
We are not as scary as you think! Coming to the Dentist for regular appointments means we can catch any problems before they escalate. Not only that your whitening and hygiene treatment keeps your teeth. But it also helps remove the stains that build up from your tea, coffee, red wine and some foods.

At Sunrise Dental Chatswood we are committed to making sure you have a comprehensive and gentle care that ensures your teeth are happy and you feel welcome every time. If you have any questions, feel free to visit us or call in just to have a chat.

2.Keep Your Smile Pearly White

Keeping a beautiful pearly white smile is one of the hardest things to do without proper care. Teeth discolouration is one of the most common problems patients have but it is one of the easiest to treat. Treatments that work include professional cleaning, teeth whitening or getting veneers.

Here are the common areas that stains come from:

▪ Daily Routine
Most commonly, stains come from drinking coffee, tea, wine and cigarettes and are easily identifiable by being black or yellow in colour. Thankfully it is easily treated with a regular dental clean or whitening treatment.

▪ Antibiotics Staining
Permanent marks can from some antibiotics, especially when young, as the crown of the adult teeth is forming inside the child’s jaw bone at between age 2-6 years old. Not only is this an aesthetic issue but the staining also makes the teeth more brittle and susceptible to cracks and chipping. This type of stain doesn’t usually respond to teeth whitening treatment, but they can be covered with veneers.

▪ Staining from Iron Supplements
Your teeth can have a greenish appearance if you take iron supplements. This stain can usually be removed easily with a professional dental hygiene treatment. You may wish to take iron supplements through a straw to minimise the staining between your dental visits.

▪ Excessive Fluoride
Another reason behind tooth discolouration is excessive exposure to fluoride during the formation of permanent teeth. This usually happens when children are using adult strength toothpaste too early.

At Sunrise Dental, we are committed to your care and maintenance of healthy teeth and your confidence. If you see any discolouration or anything that makes you concerned pop in for your first complimentary visit in Chatswood, to get the patient first and gentle care that we are known for.

3.Precious Teeth

Teeth are one of our most precious things we take for granted and can be damaged or lost in numerous ways like disease,decay or accidents. It not only affects your ability to eat but also affect your confidence in how you look and smile.

Beyond that, it can cause remaining teeth to shift and potentially cause speech problems and increase your risk to cavities and other diseases However. There are a few of ways it can be treated, by putting in dental implants, bridges or a denture.

With the proper care and attention from the dentists of Sunrise Dental, you can make sure you the process is gentle and bring back a smile you can be happy with. With dedicated staff that really put you first, you can be sure you get personalised care and aplan at an affordable price or payment plan.

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