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Tooth Tales

Smiling Teeth

Christene was unhappy with how her smile looked and felt self-conscious about the severe wear to her teeth from grinding. Also, she didn’t like the irregular shape and size of her teeth., wanting a more “feminine” smile Dr.William recommended and inserted 6 upper composite veneers. This helped to maintain proper sizing and shapes while improving symmetry and color which are the keys to success here. Another glad end result, patient appreciative, felt more herself, beautiful and confident.

Pros of composite veneers:
▪ Color-matched to your teeth
▪ Preserve natural tooth structure
▪ Less expensive
▪ Less enamel is removed from the natural teeth
▪ Damage to the veneers can be repaired (chips and cracks)
▪ Treatment can be completed in a single visit

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Happy Teeth

Dr. William getting a thank you card and chocolate from this lovely little patient.

Taking your child to the dentist can sometimes be a hard task. Here at Sunrise Dental, we take extra time to make sure your child is comfortable and happy!

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Sweet Teeth

Experiments have shown that acidity in carbonated soft drinks are really strong. If you can't resistant sugary treat, make sure you get into the habit of swishing your mouth out with water after one. This will help wash off at least some of the sugar clinging on the teeth causing all the bad things.

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BA 2 minute walk from Chatswood train station. Exit to the right (past Australia Post) walk up Thomas St to Pacific Highway. We are on the corner of Pacific Highway and Thomas St.

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